Has this ever happened to you? You've partied, you're starving, and you want food... immediately. Yes? I figured I wasn't alone.

When you've been drinking, what food do you crave the most?  For me it's pancakes, with a ton of butter and some pork roll on the side, but that's not the most popular order in New Jersey, my home state.

There's a new survey that used Google data to determine the most popular drunk food in every state across the country.


New Jersey's favorite drunk food is Chinese food. Hmmm. I wouldn't have guessed that considering diners seem to be pretty crowded in the late night hours all over New Jersey. That's where my friends and I are, not ordering Chinese. But, I guess we're in the minority.

Our neighbors in Pennsylvania crave pierogies the most when they've been drinking and Mozzarella Sticks are #1 in Delaware.

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As for the pancakes I crave, everyone in Nevada is with me...breakfast food is the most craved drunk food out there.

A good 'old greasy burger is #1 for a lot of the country (16 states), chicken wings topped the list for seven states and Washington D.C. Grilled cheese, nachos, pizza, kebabs, quesadillas and burritos are also popular choices. I'm seeing a trend here...cheese. I do love cheese but don't crave it when I'm drinking. Although, I could eat nachos anytime...drunk or sober.

Can you guess what's been named the best drunken late night restaurant? Taco Bell. McDonald's is next. Oh my gosh those fries are really good after drinking as well...actually, they're really good, anytime.

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