There’s nothing better than getting up and going out for a beautiful day on a New Jersey beach. You can wake up, grab a Wawa sandwich, drive down the shore in about an hour or so and just relax all day long.

My favorite part of the summer is when my friends and I schedule a day off to just lay on the beach for hours on end, but sometimes, it’s a process! You have to pack the sunscreen, you have to pack your towel and food and chairs and everything in between.

On any Saturday or Sunday in the summer, you can probably find me with my plethora of belongings lying on the beach in Manasquan, New Jersey. If there’s one thing I always forget to pack when I’m relaxing on my beach days, it’s my beach badge.

Memorial Day Weekend Marks Start Of Beach Season On East Coast
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The walk from the beach to your house or to your car, when you forget to clip those on you or your bag, is infuriating. It’s always right when you get your beach gear set up perfectly that you have to get your badges checked and they’re nowhere to be found.

Now, a few New Jersey beaches have made this easier than ever with digital beach badges. My Beach Mobile is an app you can download in the app store and you can not only store your beach badges on it, but you can purchase them directly through your phone as well. New Jersey is ahead of the game by adding digital beach badges as an option for beachgoers because let’s be real, you’re never forgetting your phone at home.

What New Jersey Beaches Offer Digital Beach Badges?

Memorial Day Weekend Enjoyed On The Jersey Shore
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The beaches that are listed on this app for New Jersey as of now are Ship Bottom, Sea Isle City, Ventnor City, Harvey Cedars, Margate, and Long Beach Township beaches. Plus, it can also be used to buy passes for the LBI shuttle.

Now, there’s one less step to do when you’re getting ready for the beach early in the morning.

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