One Ocean City restaurant's niftiest food runner is a ROBOT! Meet Peanut.

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Peanut is so neat! The robot is like a giant food Roomba, lol, and she's currently assisting wait staff at Island Grill Restaurant on Atlantic Avenue in Ocean City.

Peanut rolls around on four wheels and meets an Island Grill server at the table where plates are transferred to the table, reports

No more sore, burned, arms for servers from carrying heavy, hot plates, trying not to fumble anything onto the floor (or onto any guests!). Plus, Peanut allows guests to receive their meals faster than waiting for a server to retrieve them from the kitchen. And, who doesn't love HOT food? Lol.

The 4-ft. tall robot is a hi-tech assistant to its humans, who still greet diners and take and place orders. Island Grill wants to reassure the community that Peanut is not taking anyone's jobs, just helping make restaurant operations run smoother.

According to, Peanut can also be a 'busser' in helping to clear dishes from tables quickly and efficiently. No clanging silverware or glass!

And, like a Roomba, Peanut's smart enough to avoid obstacles and not run into or over anything or anyone.

"Her strongest point with us is bringing out the food to the table, so that our servers do not have to keep running back and forth so they can spend quality time with our customers," the restaurant owner tells

I literally CAN NOT wait to see Peanut in person. I'll have just one question for her: "Can I get a selfie?" Lol.

Island Grill Restaurant is located at 100 Atlantic Avenue in Ocean City.


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