How is it possible to visit Miami Beach and never even leave New Jersey? Teleportation? Some sort or virtual reality? Nope. Something WAY more tangible. Just drive there.

Miami Beach in Florida is a well-known vacation destination. It's definitely a hot spot that lives up to the hype. I've been twice and it's pretty magical. Hopping, too.


So, how old were you when you found out there's actually a Miami Beach IN New Jersey? TODAY years old? Same.

But it's true. Yeah, there's a tiny, little-known town at the Jersey Shore called Miami. I'm not going to label this one of New Jersey's 'secret' beaches, but it's definitely new to me.

REALLY?! New Jersey is Home to Its Very Own Miami Beach


Just like South Beach, Florida, THIS Miami is south, too. It's located in Cape May County, technically in Rio Grande, New Jersey (although its mailing address comes up as Villas in Lower Township).

It officially came into existence on January 1, 1943, according to, but it was settled on twenty years prior by Miami Beach Builders Corporation of Philadelphia, reports.

Where to Find the Secret Miami Beach, New Jersey

It's located on the water, on the Delaware Bay side of Villas. On, Miami, NJ appears to be about one block off Millman Lane between W. Atlantic Ave and W. Delaware Parkway, though Google Maps has it located between Delaware Ave. and the beach between W. Jacksonville Ave. and W. Florida Ave. (how ironic).

Miami Beach NJ
Google Maps

If you want to get all technical and stuff, Miami Beach's coordinates here in the Garden State are 39.0306685, -74.9398958 / 39° 1' 50.41" N, 74° 56' 23.62" W.

Trust me, your GPS will thank you.

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Something else that caught my attention about South Jersey's Miami Beach?

Where it's located, so close to the southernmost point of the state, it kind of reminds me of the Florida panhandle. Thoughts?

Google Maps
Google Maps

I plan on finding my way to Miami Beach, NJ this summer. How about you? I've been to nearby Fishing Creek which boasts INCREDIBLE sunsets, so I'm guessing Miami Beach is no different.

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