When we think about our state, many things come to mind.  We love the shore.  It's probably right at the top of things New Jersey natives are proud of.

Then, of course we love our food.  No matter what your taste, we have it.  Speaking of food, trust me, no other state has the bagels and pizza we have.

On the other hand, taxes?  Oh boy, do we have taxes.  Cost of homes?  Not only can most no longer afford to buy a home, but now it's more difficult than ever to rent.

We have Springsteen, but one of his most recognizable tunes is Born to Run- a song about fleeing New Jersey.

People from New Jersey seem to have a strange relationship with the state.  We can't wait to get away.  Then, once we move, we tend to brag about our state.

When New Jersey transplants run into each other in another state.  It makes no difference if we're strangers, we give a hearty greeting, followed with the typical, "Yo, what part of Jersey you from?"

So, are we happy or not?

According to a report on Wallethub.com, we ARE happy.  The report is based on things like satisfaction with jobs, the community, and environment.

Now, to be clear, we're not the happiest state.  That would be Utah.

But on the same token, we're a lot happier than places like West Virginia and Louisiana.

The report ranks New Jersey as the 5th happiest state.  And while The Boss once sang about fleeing the state, another Jersey rocker, Jon Bon Jovi sings about returning to his Jersey roots with a song titled, Who Says You Can't Go Home.

New Report: This Is the No. 1 Happiest State in America (msn.com)

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