Move over Peeping Tom, the Peeping Goat is "horning" in on your space!

Police in Chatham Township say a goat has been seen throughout the township, sticking it's head into residents' windows. Police received calls, but every time they responded, the goat slipped away.

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At the time, police said they knew who the goat belonged to but he remained - hold on - on the lamb!

This all went down last week, but now the goat has been corralled!

Chatham Township Police say "The Township Peeping Goat" was caught and "is resting comfortably at a local farm."

Here's their most recent update:

Kudos to the Chatham Police Department for bringing justice for the fine people of Chatham Township!

Have you seen any animals in your neighborhood? Are they minding their own business or "horning" in on yours?

SOURCE: Facebook - Chatham Township Police Department.

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