We're already officially on the other side of May. Can you believe it? Time is flying by! We're inching closer and closer to the official start of the summer season with each passing day! Who's ready?

I know I am.


With summer fun can sometimes mean a lot more traveling. Let's face it, though. This year, it's shaping up to be a lot more financially difficult for people to vacation in expensive, ritzy places. Summer 2023 is looking like it'll be one of those "balling on a budget" summers. Basically, what I mean is people will be looking to have some summer fun without spending a whole bucket of money.

It is what it is this year, you know what I mean?

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With that being said, there's no doubt people will be looking to go somewhere that has plenty of activities and excursions one can do for free. That's especially true when it comes to families. An excursion for a family of four can turn into a $250+ activity rather quickly these days. Not everybody has the luxury of affording that kind of fun right now.

That's where the City of Brotherly Love comes in.


Say what you want about Philadelphia, but believe it or not, there are SOOOOO many things you can do to enjoy an afternoon that will cost you absolutely nothing. For example, a bunch of the historical tours downtown are free. Checking out the Liberty Bell is free. Even if you choose to pay, there are plenty of entry fees that are less than $20 per person.


That's why a recent survey has named Philadelphia one of the most anticipated tourist destinations of summer 2023. Philly came in 15th on the list. Sure, places like Hawaii and Florida beat the PHL, but that's to be expected. You know what city didn't beat Philly for top tourist destinations this summer? Los Angeles.


Check out the list to see where most people will likely vacation here in the US this summer HERE.

Source: WalletHub.com

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