Sure, we may love living in the Garden State. That isn't to say, however, that it's not without its annoyances. There are certain aspects of Jersey that don't even make sense to those of us who reside here. Trust me, we're not huge fans of traffic circles and jug-handles either.

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It's not just the endless supply of traffic circles found here in New Jersey that make people ask "What were the lawmakers thinking?" I promise we normal folk don't despise left turns or anything. We're just not allowed to make them. Believe it or not, here in the Garden State, there are some pretty wacky laws that serve absolutely no purpose because they're almost impossible to enforce in the first place.

Who enforces the laws? Cops do. How do the cops get paid? By our tax money. If a cop is getting paid to enforce a law that has no business even existing anyway, that's no bueno in my book. Not exactly where I want my tax dollars to be going, you know what I mean?

For example, did you know...

It's illegal to slurp soup?

Photo by Henrique Felix on Unsplash
Photo by Henrique Felix on Unsplash

If you currently live in New Jersey, you better take extra care when it comes to your soup consumption habits. Believe it or not, slurping your soup here in the Garden State is illegal. What about spaghetti? Nobody knows...

That's not even NJ's weirdest law.

The one we're curious about today has to with birds doing their business.

It's illegal for birds to go number two on statues.


Again, we're not making this up. No, birds are technically forbidden from pooping on statues here in New Jersey. Now, the question is how do cops go about upholding this law? You can't exactly write a bird a citation now, can you? All you can do is keep the birds away from them, right? Is there some kind of bird repellent that can be sprayed on statue surfaces to deter them from dumping?

We'd love to know how the birds that do drop their poo on statues make amends for their crime.


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