What exactly is a "blue plate special"? How did this term come about? Why do we love a "blue plate special"? Let's look into this phrasing and see what we come up with. Let's begin with the origin of this phrase.


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What is the origin of the "Blue Plate Special"?

According to World Wide Words, "Fred Harvey bought nearly all his serving plates from a company in Illinois. Modelling their inexpensive but sturdy plates after those made famous by Josiah Wedgwood ... these were, of course, blue in color. Thus, quite literally, the ‘blue plate’ special”. By the way, Josiah Wedgwood was a famous English potter.


What is a "Blue Plate Special"?

According to Wikipedia, "A blue-plate special is a discount-priced meal that usually changes daily: a term used in the United States and Canada by restaurants, especially diners and cafes."


Why Do We Love a "Blue Plate Special"?

According to Mental Floss, "A blue plate special was synonymous with getting proteins and side dishes in generous portions."


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Now that we have given you the background and description of a "blue plate special" in case you were not aware, let's tell you where to go in New Jersey for the best "blue light special". According to Lovefood, you want to head to Gloucester County and the town of Mullica Hill. 'Redefining the familiar' is the strapline of this upmarket Mullica Hill joint. The menu is imaginative, with options such as lobster beignets, and seared scallops with spicy cream and potatoes. Specials are always on point, too. 


Blue Plate
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Have You ever visited the Blue Plate in Mullica Hill, NJ? What is your review of this restaurant? Post your comments below :)


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