If you want to check out a really cool, free light show in Bayville, this house all decorated is for you.

This "awesomely" decorated house will get you in the Christmas mood. It's cheery, fun, bright, and always fun to go check out. There's nothing better than driving around the neighborhood with the family. It is FREE and it's time spent together.

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This house to check out the Christmas fun is located at Grand Concourse, off of Rt. 9 in Bayville. Every year they do a fantastic job. When you're on Rt. 9 in Bayville, look for the sign that reads, "Light Show." Grand Concourse is a dead end, there is room to turn around at the house. Take it slow because the road turns into a gravel road. Enjoy. You can also listen to a radio station with the words synced to the music, it's really neat.

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Townsquare Media

We also went to Ocean Gate, Bayville by the water, and Pine Beach. The houses all around me just look so good. We took a drive on Bayview Avenue and headed to Ocean Gate. There were several houses in Ocean Gate that look fantastic.

We had a car filled last night with my daughter's friends, they love looking at Christmas lights and the Christmas music was blaring thanks to 92.7 WOBM. We took one of her friends home to Pine Beach, Berkeley Township, and the houses were terrific there, too.

So, do me a favor, tonight if you have a little extra time, drive around your neighborhood and be amazed. Take some snacks, maybe stop and grab a hot chocolate or coffee, and have a blast.

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