Best "Under-The-Radar" Steakhouse In New Jersey

It's probably one of the most popular dishes in restaurants around New Jersey and the nation, the iconic "steak". Whether you like it rare, medium-rare, medium, or well-done, it is a truly iconic American dish. Many places have a great reputation for having delicious classic "steak" entrees, but what about finding a restaurant that's "under the radar"? A new place to visit and to enjoy a fantastic steak dinner. This would be a list we would love to see and Cheapism has put together a list of the best "under-the-radar" steakhouses in America. "These are generally not the steak world's usual suspects — but instead, chef- or family-owned steak joints to seek out based on their overall customer ratings, awards, local word of mouth, and expert recommendations. Take a tasty road trip with us to a carnivore's idea of heaven in each American state."


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I enjoy a medium-cooked steak. Add to the steak a nice baked potato and a vegetable and I'm all set to enjoy my dinner. Simple, traditional, and truly American. The classic "steak dinner" is not to be missed.



Where To Find New Jersey's BEST Under-The-Radar Steakhouse

According to Cheapism, the best "under-the-radar" steakhouse in the Garden State can be found in Middlesex County in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Steakhouse 85 is the choice for a place you need to check out for a great steak! "Steakhouse 85's core menu features dry-aged steaks prepared with a simple combination of sea salt, black pepper, and fresh herbs seared on a 1,200-degree cast-iron grill and broiled to order."


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In addition, Steakhouse 85 has a great wine list that you can choose from while enjoying this delicious steakhouse. "Order an aged prime rib-eye, Delmonico, or strip steak, and top it with Maytag blue cheese, applewood bacon, or seared foie gras."

Have you dined at Steakhouse 85 in New Brunswick? (85 Church St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901). Give us your review and recommendations and post your comments below.





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