Real New Jerseyans know how to spot an out-of-stater.

If you've lived in New Jersey as long as I have, you know we have some unspoken rules. There are just some things you would never be caught dead doing.  There are also some quirky "rules" for The Garden State that don't exist in other places.  Knowing these things things separate us from the tourists and the people who come here for fun.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with these visitors, and they bring the economy a much-needed boost. But, real New Jerseyans can spot them from a mile away.  Summer is just a few months away, and pretty soon, the tourists will be flooding our beaches.

New Jerseyans tend to be a little more passionate and fast paced than out-of-staters. We take pride in this, and want to make sure that everyone knows where we're from.  We're also pretty generous at times, so I thought I'd live up to that example and share some dead giveaways that a person isn't from The Garden State.

If you're planning on traveling here this summer, you may want te memorize this list to blend in a little better.  Or, if you have friends or family from out of state, do them a solid and share this one too,

And remember, this list is all in fun.  Sure, we wish everyone could blend in with New Jersey locals, but, we are very welcoming, and are always happy to have visitors admire all the state has to offer.

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