Did you know that there is an un-send feature on Gmail and Outlook?  In other words, if you regret an email and you are quick enough about it, you can pull it back like you own a time machine. There is a company that wishes they could have used that feature instead of copying an applicant on an email outlining how they would lowball her on her follow-up interview.

Busted.  There was no other way to read the email that arrived in her inbox.  She was getting lowballed because the interviewer got the sense she would take 7K less.  The only reason we get to know about this juiciness is because @Komeandgo posted the whole thing on Reddit.

She originally said that her minimum was 60K.  She was leaving an entry-level role so it did not make sense for her to come to this new job for the same salary.  She was clear about that in her initial interview and they even invited her back to a second interview.  

After she left the conversation emails went out “internally” describing their thoughts on her and what she would be willing to accept.  They determined that she seemed to really want the job so they were going to team lowball her and offer 53K.  

Photo credit: u/Komeandgo via Reddit
Photo credit: u/Komeandgo via Reddit

 Guess what?  She let them know she saw it all.

I told them I feel they wouldn’t have my best interest at heart if there’re already undervaluing me and that I didn’t want to continue forward with a team that is likely to stab me in the back.

The happy news is, she is not gainfully employed with a company that thought she was worth her asking price and beyond. Lesson for the day? Know your worth.

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