We are well past scary month but this real-life ghost story is absolutely spine-chilling.  No one is more creeped out than the security guard that was involved.  The video went viral and now the hospital is deflecting.  I'll let you decide if this is the real deal.

An overnight security guard was doing his job at the Finochettio Sanatorium when the hospital doors flew open.  Naturally, after the doors slide open he got up to greet the incoming patient.  He opened the retractable belt barrier and invited her to come and sign in. 

The guard recorded her name and then had her sit in a wheelchair as he guided her to the incoming patient area.  It is all caught on videotape but the only problem is, she is missing from the video entirely.  Hold on, it gets worse!

The security guard recorded her name on his clipboard during intake only to realize later that a woman by that name died in the hospital the night before. He had not seen the patient again and he asked the medical staff if they saw her and of course, they did not.  

The PR department for the hospital is denying the whole thing and claiming it was a part of a prank but the security guard begs to differ. See the video for yourself here.

What do you think?  Do you believe him or the hospital?  I wonder what he would gain out of all this.  Ultimately he could lose his job and lose his recommendation for a future endeavor by pulling such a prank. In these situations, I always think about what they actually have to gain from it all if it were fake.  Do you have a paranormal experience?  Some places have more spirit activity than others in New Jersey.

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