Seriously, dude?

Life just continues to get more and more expensive at the Jersey Shore and in New Jersey overall.

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No one has enough money to do anything!

This situation is about to get worse for residents in a Monmouth County town.


According to, the cost of taxis in Red Bank could be doubling thanks to a recent proposal.

Bite me, okay?

Yes, gas along with everything else is more expensive but increasing the cost of taxis doesn't solve the problem. It just creates another one.

Some may have no choice but to rely on taxis in Red Bank for transportation and you may be putting some people in-between a rock and a hard place. If were me and that distance was walkable, I would do it.

I wouldn't be surprised if there is a decline in taxi riders but what do I know.

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Tero Vesalainen

Here are the new possible prices according to

One or two riders taking a taxi that remains within the west or east side of town will be going from $3.75 to $6.00.

One or two passengers going from one side of town to the other will now go from $4.25 to $7.00.

If you keep a taxi waiting, wait time will now go from $22 per hour up to $28 per hour.

Anytime I hear anything about a price increase, I get pissed off.

lexi anderson via unsplash
lexi anderson via unsplash

However, these rates are allegedly lower than Long Branch and Belmar taxi prices. They are, however, higher than Asbury Park.

“The rate I suggested in the taxi ordinance is right in the middle of everyone else,” said Darren McConnell, interim business administrator according to “(Asbury Park has not) adjusted their rate in a number of years, so I anticipate they probably will at some point in their future.”

I don't know what the answer is but the price increases have got to stop.

The only other solution is for everyone in the entire state to get a raise because the money has got to come from somewhere.

Good luck at keeping your head afloat everyone.

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