New Jersey is loaded with quaint, charming, and pretty towns. We are lucky that way. But only one town can be the prettiest of them all.

From the amazing small towns inland to the quaint beach towns of the Jersey Shore, there is no shortage of pretty towns in the Garden State.

What Is New Jersey's Prettiest Town?

With the number of quality choices in this category, it has to be a pretty difficult choice to narrow it down to just one. But it always seems like Cape May finds a way to the top.

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It depends on what defines "pretty". If you're defining it as seagulls, sand, and shore, then the decision becomes even tougher. Or maybe you're describing it as quaint with a lovely shopping section. We have a lot of those, too.

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Now that we know this is a nearly impossible distinction to make here in the Garden State, we are proud and relieved, to say this decision did not fall in our lap. It fell onto the shoulders of the fine folks at The Daily Meal.

Jersey Shore Towns With The Best Beaches

When they considered all the towns in the state, they wound up choosing a town that had both of the qualities we mentioned earlier (the gorgeous beach and the great shopping area.

Add to that a legendary boardwalk and the storied history of this town over the years, and it all adds up to a winner.

We seem to be congratulating this town pretty frequently, and it deserves it every time. So, once again, we congratulate Cape May for yet another nice honor.

Prettiest Towns In New Jersey

Are there other towns that could easily have been named? Of course, there are, but it is pretty hard to argue against Cape May. And why would we want to anyway?

If you love all things Victorian, then Cape May is a perfect choice for you.

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