Despite the nationwide reputation New Jersey has, we are a pretty nice place, and there is one particular town that is even nicer than the rest, at least according to a published report.

No matter where you go in the Garden State, you are going to run into nice people. They are in every corner of this amazing state, but one town in particular stands head and shoulders above the rest for niceness, according to Travel Pulse.

New Jersey's Most Family-Friendly Town

It's hard to quantify niceness, as you know, so we wondered how this website rated each town in the state on the niceness chart, and here's what we found out.

It wasn't a surprise that the website used attractions and family friendliness to decide which towns were the nicest, and they did it for every state in the nation.

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It turns out that New Jersey's representative for the family-friendliest town in the state is nestled in the heart of Ocean County, and we couldn't agree more. Toms River has a full tank of niceness with plenty to spare.

Great Things About Toms River

Toms River is a place with an adorable downtown and plenty of waterfront opportunities, and while we're at it let's throw in a famous Little League World Championship.

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Congratulations to Toms River for being named the family-friendliest town in all of New Jersey.

The website comments that all the great things for kids to do and the Little League program puts Toms River over the top. Congratulations to historic Toms River on being named the most family-friendly town in New Jersey.

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