Alright, New Jersey, I need you to help me out here, am I wrong for being so thrown off about this incident? I was on my way out of a liquor store the other day when I saw something that I had never seen before.

I was walking toward the door with my bottle of wine when through the glass door I saw a tiny dog outside.

Bottles Of Wine On Display In Delicatessen

Honestly, I’m not a dog person so I couldn’t tell you what breed it was, but I can tell you it looked like a stray. It had gray, messy fur, no leash, and it was kind of looking all over the place as though it was lost, but then I noticed that it had a collar on.

Hesitantly, I inched open the door to go out, hoping it would move away, but it just kind of looked at me.

Portrait of a bernese puppy at home

I tried to step around it when suddenly two men who were apparently with the dog started calling its name.

I thought they must’ve just been taking it for a walk around the parking lot, but then, to my surprise, they started walking into the store that I had just been in. I kid you not, they started summoning the dog into the store with them.

“Is this allowed?” I wondered, but the two guys and the pup weren’t immediately thrown out so I guess that store’s owners don’t mind dogs in their establishment.

But should that be allowed?

Obviously, if it were a seeing-eye dog that would be a given, but considering this dog wasn’t on a leash I’m guessing it wasn’t helping anyone with anything.

A man with his dog.
Gary Shannon

So why is this allowed? Animals left to roam in the store could easily knock over bottles on lower shelves or bother other customers, especially when they’re not wearing a leash. Plus, some liquor stores have food, either cheese or citrus for your future cocktails.

To me, this seems like another case of people being WAY too comfortable bringing their “fur babies” into stores. There were two people with the dog in this instance, one guy easily could have stayed outside with it while the other went in to make their purchase.

Am I alone in this? Are people getting a little too lenient with where they bring their good boys and girls? Is this just something we have to get used to?

Let me know in the poll below, then read on for some fun facts about dogs as well as the smartest dog breeds.

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