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At Jersey Mike's Arena, Rutgers University

11 a.m.

Non-Public B

2-Camden Catholic 34, 1-St. John Vianney 29

144: Michael Craft (Camden Catholic) over John Saraiva (Saint John Vianney) Dec 6-0

150: Cole Stangle (Saint John Vianney) over Jack Baylouny (Camden Catholic) Maj 17-8

157: Austin Craft (Camden Catholic) over Kevin McBride (Saint John Vianney) Maj 15-5

165: Thomas Cleary (Saint John Vianney) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

175: Jasiah Queen (Saint John Vianney) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

190: Terry Terch (Camden Catholic) over Luca Minardo (Saint John Vianney) Dec 4-3

215: Michael Foley (Saint John Vianney) over Nicholas Dugan (Camden Catholic) Fall 4:57

285: Tyler Byrd (Camden Catholic) over Ryan Buchanan (Saint John Vianney) Fall 0:54

106: Matthew Gould (Saint John Vianney) over Lazarus Joyce (Camden Catholic) Dec 6-2

113: Dom Digiacomo (Camden Catholic) over Ryan Kearney (Saint John Vianney) Fall 0:42

120: Anthony Knox (Saint John Vianney) over Sammy Spaulding (Camden Catholic) Maj 16-7

126: Jackson Young (Camden Catholic) over Jake Zaltsman (Saint John Vianney) Dec 3-0

132: Kage Jones (Camden Catholic) over Patrick O`Keefe (Saint John Vianney) Maj 14-4

138: Wayne Rold (Camden Catholic) over Anthony Paulino (Saint John Vianney) Maj 9-1



Group 4

1-North Hunterdon 33, 3-Jackson Memorial 27

144: Evan Kinney (North Hunterdon) over Ryan Wolf (Jackson Memorial Hs) Maj 11-0

150: Daniel DeLusant (North Hunterdon) over Christopher Wolf (Jackson Memorial Hs) Fall 2:57

157: Cael Huxford (Jackson Memorial Hs) over Brian Wilson (North Hunterdon) TF 17-2

165: John Calamia (Jackson Memorial Hs) over Aaron Yarnell (North Hunterdon) Dec 5-1

175: Luke Hamann (Jackson Memorial Hs) over Thales Gondim (North Hunterdon) Fall 3:10

190: Alex Uryniak (North Hunterdon) over Paul Novello (Jackson Memorial Hs) Fall 0:54

215: Louis White (North Hunterdon) over Justin Krosnicki (Jackson Memorial Hs) UTB 4-3

285: Brendan Raley (North Hunterdon) over Ryan Fischer (Jackson Memorial Hs) Dec 2-1

106: Joseph Celentano (North Hunterdon) over Joseph Weikel (Jackson Memorial Hs) Maj 11-2

113: Logan Wadle (North Hunterdon) over Jay Seda (Jackson Memorial Hs) Maj 10-2

120: Luis Espinoza (Jackson Memorial Hs) over Shane Wysocki (North Hunterdon) Dec 6-2

126: Jonathan Espinoza (Jackson Memorial Hs) over Grant Goldan (North Hunterdon) Maj 18-4

132: John VanDoren (North Hunterdon) over Nikko Rucci (Jackson Memorial Hs) SV-1 7-5

138: Lucas Lipari (Jackson Memorial Hs) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf


Group 3 

1-Delsea 35, 2-Warren Hills 24

144Riley Boos (Delsea) over Tyler O`Neill (Warren Hills) Fall 3:45
150Jamar Dixon Jr. (Delsea) over Ryan Lundy (Warren Hills) Maj 13-3
157salvatore marchese (Delsea) over Cody Miller (Warren Hills) Dec 7-3
165Tyson Derenberger (Delsea) over Michael Drazek (Warren Hills) Dec 8-2
175Jared Schoppe (Delsea) over Luke Dugan (Warren Hills) Fall 0:58
190Danny Digiovacchino (Delsea) over Chris Whitehead (Warren Hills) Maj 11-3
215Jarett Pantuso (Warren Hills) over Rocco Bennett (Delsea) Fall 6:10.
285Luke Maxwell (Delsea) over Connor Klardie (Warren Hills) Fall 0:25
106Gage Summers (Delsea) over Augie Szamreta (Warren Hills) Dec 7-4
113Davey Rhinehart (Warren Hills) over Blaise Verdino (Delsea) Fall 4:48
120Charlie Piccione (Warren Hills) over Zavier Stokes (Delsea) SV-1 3-1
126Tyler Redfield (Warren Hills) over Alex Zimmerman (Delsea) Dec 10-4
132Josh Lee (Warren Hills) over Giovanni Degeorge (Delsea) Dec 7-2
138Shawn Redfield (Warren Hills) over Austin Boos (Delsea) Dec 5-0


Group 2

3-High Point 36, 4-Gov. Livingston 34

144Cristian Gioia (Governor Livingston Regional Hs) over Will Gomez (High Point Regional) Maj 15-2
150Dante Gioia (Governor Livingston Regional Hs) over Eli Nosal (High Point Regional) Dec 7-0
157Jake Kreisberg (Governor Livingston Regional Hs) over Nick Marangi (High Point Regional) Fall 1:50
165Shane Woolf (High Point Regional) over Joseph Dasti (Governor Livingston Regional Hs) Dec 7-4
175Dalton Yetter (High Point Regional) over James Daoulabani (Governor Livingston Regional Hs) Fall 3:23
190Nathan Faxon (Governor Livingston Regional Hs) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
215Mason Mericle (High Point Regional) over James Rubino (Governor Livingston Regional Hs) Fall 1:05
285Arik Hums (High Point Regional) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
106John Barron (High Point Regional) over Christian Sabatino (Governor Livingston Regional Hs) SV-1 8-6
113Brandon Rayack (Governor Livingston Regional Hs) over Colton Jaust (High Point Regional) Dec 6-2
120Nick Clayton (High Point Regional) over Henrique Ribeiro (Governor Livingston Regional Hs) Fall 2:54
126Roman Citro (High Point Regional) over Vincent Capone (Governor Livingston Regional Hs) Fall 0:34
132Jack Huss (Governor Livingston Regional Hs) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
138Allan Batista (Governor Livingston Regional Hs) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf


1:30 p.m.

Non-Public A

2-St. Joseph (Montvale) 28, 1-Delbarton 24

106Aidan Schlett (St Joseph (Montvale) HS) over Henry Forte (Delbarton School) Dec 5-3
285Jim Mullen (St Joseph (Montvale) HS) over Connor Martin (Delbarton School) Fall 0:20
106Johnathon McGinty (St Joseph (Montvale) HS) over Dylan Palentchar (Delbarton School) Dec 9-3
113Jayden James (Delbarton School) over Mikey Bautista (St Joseph (Montvale) HS) Dec 11-8
120Daniel Jones (Delbarton School) over Vincent Paino (St Joseph (Montvale) HS) Dec 5-1
126James Sloan (St Joseph (Montvale) HS) over Chase Quenault (Delbarton School) Fall 5:51
132Trevor Jones (Delbarton School) over Donny Almeyda (St Joseph (Montvale) HS) Dec 7-2
138Mateo Sgambellone (St Joseph (Montvale) HS) over Tyler Vazquez (Delbarton School) SV-1 3-1
144Yannis Charles (St Joseph (Montvale) HS) over Joseph Davi (Delbarton School) Dec 3-1
150Cross Wasilewski (Delbarton School) over Frank DiBella (St Joseph (Montvale) HS) UTB 3-2
157Alessio Perentin (Delbarton School) over AJ DiGiovanni (St Joseph (Montvale) HS) Fall 1:08
165Louis Cerchio (Delbarton School) over Ryan Burton (St Joseph (Montvale) HS) Dec 5-1
175Simon Ruiz (Delbarton School) over Rocco Dellagatta (St Joseph (Montvale) HS) Dec 7-2
190Michael Dellagatta (St Joseph (Montvale) HS) over Vincent Lee (Delbarton School) Maj 9-0

Group 5

1-Southern 41, 2-Phillipsburg 14

215Riley O`Boyle (Southern Regional) over Logan Kries (Phillipsburg) Maj 11-2
285John Wargo (Phillipsburg) over Anthony Evangelista (Southern Regional) Maj 9-1
106Anthony Mason (Southern Regional) over Massimo Gonzalez (Phillipsburg) Maj 13-0
113Attila Vigilante (Southern Regional) over Dawson McWilliams (Phillipsburg) Dec 12-5
120Scottie Sari (Southern Regional) over Julian Ricci (Phillipsburg) Maj 19-7
126Conor Collins (Southern Regional) over Kyle Beenders (Phillipsburg) Fall 0:54
132Wyatt Stout (Southern Regional) over Gavin Hawk (Phillipsburg) Dec 5-2
138Luke Geleta (Phillipsburg) over David Ferrante (Southern Regional) Maj 15-6
144Hayden Hochstrasser (Southern Regional) over Patrick Day (Phillipsburg) Dec 10-4
150Matt Henrich (Southern Regional) over Johnathon Roth (Phillipsburg) TF 19-4
157Nick Bennet (Southern Regional) over Liam Packer (Phillipsburg) OT 3-1
165Cole Velardi (Southern Regional) over Hunter Cleaver (Phillipsburg) Fall 6:00
175Connor Hille (Phillipsburg) over Mitch Bivona (Southern Regional) Dec 6-4
190Caleb Rivera (Phillipsburg) over Collin French (Southern Regional) Dec 5-3

Group 1

1-Delaware Valley 34, 3-Paulsboro 31

215Anderson Olcott (Delaware Valley Regional) over Jared Hazel (Paulsboro H.S.) Fall 0:49
285Jordan Eli (Paulsboro H.S.) over Kyle Cooke (Delaware Valley Regional) Dec 11-6
106Owen Kucharski (Delaware Valley Regional) over Derrik Horton (Paulsboro H.S.) Dec 7-1
113Hayden Holmes (Paulsboro H.S.) over Jake Taylor (Delaware Valley Regional) Dec 6-4
120Jaden Perez (Delaware Valley Regional) over Aundre Hill (Paulsboro H.S.) Maj 12-2
126Matt Roche (Delaware Valley Regional) over Logan Sichelstiel (Paulsboro H.S.) Dec 2-1
132Kyare Harvey (Paulsboro H.S.) over Michael Hasson (Delaware Valley Regional) Fall 2:34
138Chase Bish (Paulsboro H.S.) over Jackson Bush (Delaware Valley Regional) Dec 8-1
144Ben Levy (Delaware Valley Regional) over Sean Daniels (Paulsboro H.S.) Fall 3:22
150Chris Colasurdo (Delaware Valley Regional) over Sawyer Cabanas (Paulsboro H.S.) Fall 1:48
157Roman Onorato (Paulsboro H.S.) over Brayden Schneider (Delaware Valley Regional) Fall 4:28
165Garett Tettemer (Delaware Valley Regional) over Doug King (Paulsboro H.S.) Fall 0:29
175Luke Metz (Paulsboro H.S.) over Kevin Roman (Delaware Valley Regional) Fall 1:58
190Austin Willetts (Paulsboro H.S.) over August Savacool (Delaware Valley Regional) Maj 15-4





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