Yes has released a new song titled "All Connected," the second single off their upcoming album Mirror to the Sky. You can watch the celestial music video below.

True to its title, the nine-minute, multipart epic describes how all people are connected across space and time. "You're never out of reach / You're never out of mind / So free your mind / This is your time," the refrain goes.

"Steve [Howe] added a beautifully poignant instrumental steel part which starts the journey," singer Jon Davison said in a statement. "This section emotionally builds and crescendos into a glorious lead way for the vocals to begin telling their story. Billy [Sherwood] composed complex and compelling musical themes which I helped to arrange, and we both composed vocals and lyrics, each of us singing our respective parts, making for a rich vocal tapestry.”

Yes first previewed Mirror to the Sky last month with the lead single "Cut From the Stars." It marks their 23rd album, following 2021's The Quest, and their first since the death of drummer Alan White in 2022.

"This is a very important album for the band," added Howe, the band's longest-serving member and producer of Mirror to the Sky. "We kept the continuity in the approach we established on The Quest, but we haven't repeated ourselves. That was the main thing. As Yes did in the '70s from one album to another, we're growing and moving forward. In later years, Yes often got going but then didn't do the next thing. This album is demonstrative of us growing, and building again."

Yes will release Mirror to the Sky on May 19. It's available to preorder now in a variety of formats.

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