Do you say "Italian Ice" or "Water Ice"?  Whatever you call it, you've got more of it coming your way in a matter of days and I have the scoop...

Before I tell you where to get it, let's get what we call it out of the way.  Like many of you, I'm a born and raised Jersey girl which does not always mean you blend well in other states.  We have our own way of talking in Jersey that makes people scratch their heads.  All the time I would hear, “wait, what did you say?”  and have to explain myself.

A great example of this would be when I was talking to a Minnesotan about how I used to love "water ices" as a kid. They asked why I called it “water ice” and pointed out that the phrasing was redundant. Yeah, he might have had me there. I was curious about the name myself so I looked into it.

It turns out that most people who call it “water ice” are from the Philly area. Apparently, their version is a bit runnier and broaching on a Slurpee, but could still be had with a spoon. It is made of water, sugar, and fruit.

Then, there is the classic Italian Ice which is eaten with a spoon (usually a wooden one) and is a bit creamy in consistency without having dairy in it.

My Dad is from the Philly area and my mom was from Jersey City so I think somewhere along the way I mixed the two and came up with "Italian Water Ice" which is what I've called it my whole life.  Leave it to me to create my own version of wrong.  LOL!  Well, whatever we call it, we are going to get more of it on March 4th!

Photo credit: Ralph's Italian Ice Facebook
Photo credit: Ralph's Italian Ice Facebook

The famous Ralph’s Italian Ice is opening for the season again on March 4th at both their Toms River and Lanoka Harbor locations!  Just look at some of the flavors you can get!  Ralph's has won the prestigious “Best Italian Ice in Ocean County” accolade so you know they were missed as they powered down for the cold season.

The Chiacchio Family gave life to their original Italian Ice spot in Staten Island (my co-host Lou grew up there and has fond memories of eating at the original Ralph's).  In my opinion, this is the first real sign of spring and I'm ready for some Italian Ice, Water Ice, or Italian Water Ice...well, you know what I mean.

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