In The Loop  (2009)

Easily one of the funniest, most enjoyable movies I have seen in a long time. Good plot, great acting, phenomenal script. Everything was damn near perfect.

In The Loop is a spin-off of the British TV series "The Thick Of It", written and directed by Armando Ianucci. The series revolves around the inner workings of the British government, and the movie incorporates the US government as well. Only a few characters are featured in both, but many of the actors from the television series also star in the movie, just as different characters.

The movie is similar to a Christopher Guest movie, done in a mockumentary hand-held camera style. Most movies like to present politics in a more glamorous way, but In The Loop focuses on the dirty behind-the-scene parts. Everyone knows that politics is extremely reliant on spin doctors and image consultants, and this movie highlights those that try to keep everything in line.

The plot itself is interesting, and when you incorporate the British humor aspect it brings everything one notch higher. British humor tends to rely on a more dry wit, but the language used here is anything but subtle. It's not just a bunch of f-bombs and dumb insults; it's a wonderful creative dirty language. Anyone can tell another person "You're stupid", but to really make the insult count, it has to be memorable. It usually takes a lot for me to laugh out loud, but this had me going the entire time.

It's impossible to choose one aspect that really stands out, because everything is so good. The actors bounce back and forth with each other so well it's hard to believe that the entire movie wasn't improvised; the script is hilarious and full of amazing one-liners that are definitely going to be worked into my daily vocabulary; the plot is totally believable yet ludicrous at the same time, full of twists and turns and backtracking. Top to bottom, great movie.



On the [Celluloid Hero] scale, "In The Loop" gets a 10 out of 10.


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