Eddie Van Halen was the type of musician who's only placed on this Earth once in a blue moon.

The way he was able to work his instrument was so brilliant that he made it look effortless. He could go from playing a melodic riff to tapping both hands up and down the neck within a few measures. He was able to create sound effects that no one had ever created with a guitar before.

The rocker wasn't just a guitarist, either. He learned to play the piano at an early age, and incorporated the keyboard into a lot of Van Halen's work, like on the songs "I'll Wait," "Jump" and many more during the Sammy Hagar era.

The guitar hero lost his battle with cancer earlier today (Oct. 6) at the age of 65, but he was able to knock anyone out of the park with his shredding until the very end. To celebrate his life and legacy, we've gathered a compilation of some of the most iconic guitar moments throughout his career. Watch below.

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