We are definitely living in uncertain times....so I understand people wanting to ask questions so they can be "in the know."

I was doing research regarding how long New Jersey bars and restaurants are allowed to sell to-go alcoholic beverages when I stumbled upon the funniest question that apparently a lot of other people have googled.

It came up as one of the most common questions in regards to COVID-19.

"Can you have sex during the COVID-19 Pandemic?" 

At first....I let out a belt of laughter.

"Of course you can!" yelled my friend who I was on the phone with. "You are going to tell a married couple they can't be intimate with their loved one?"

But fine, fine, fine....people just want to be safe so it is better to ask then make an impulsive decision.

So here is how I have handled it:

If you have been living/quarantining with your partner, obviously you are good to go.

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If you are not living with your partner but you are committed, I feel like you are still good to go as long as your partner is being safe.

This question becomes tough if you are single and not necessarily seeing one person exclusively.

Sorry guys but one night stands and randos should be off the table for the time being.

But maybe it is someone you have gone on a few dates with or that has really caught your eye. Sometimes when that spark is there, you just can't help it.

So if you feel comfortable getting together and coming into physical contact with this person, then you have a few questions to answer.

Is this person being safe? Have they been wearing a face mask? Have they been using hand sanitizer?

So I guess long story short....yes, of course you can have sex during COVID-19. You just have to be smart.

So stay safe out there....in all aspects.


Keep a look out for crazy google searches because you know crazier is out there. Find something that you think others would get a kick out of?

EMAIL ME at Nicole.Murray@townsquaremedia.com.

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