Kiss bassist Gene Simmons has revealed that he recently co-wrote two songs with former bandmate Ace Frehley for the latter's next studio album.

"Literally two days ago I was with Ace," Simmons told 92 KQRS (via Blabbermouth). "He asked me to write for his next solo record. So I went over to his place, way out in the desert some place, and we wrote two things."

There is no confirmed release date or title for Frehley's apparently in-progress seventh studio album, which would be the follow up to 2014's well-received Space Invader.

This will mark the first time Simmons and Frehley worked together on a record since 1998's Psycho Circus, which was intended to be a studio reunion of the original Kiss lineup but wound up being a much more fractured effort.

Last year Frehley released a collection of cover songs entitled Origins, Vol. 1. That album featured another Kiss reunion, as Paul Stanley contributed lead vocals to a version of Free's "Fire and Water."

“I was happy Ace called me up with this," Stanley said to Rolling Stone at the time. "It’s very funny, because on my phone when he called, his name comes up, and it put a smile on my face. Like, I pick up the phone and go, ‘Ace Frehley!'”

Despite these recent team-ups, in a Billboard interview earlier this year Stanley cautioned fans not to expect Frehley to return to Kiss. "I've played with [current Kiss drummer] Eric Singer for, I think, 25 years and Tommy's [Thayer, guitar] been in the band probably 15 years at this point. I have no thoughts of revisiting the past."

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