Are you being called to serve and protect? Are you being called to enter law enforcement?

There is a golden opportunity ahead for you to prove it and show what you got.

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Manchester Township Police have announced that they will be accepting applications and registering applications for Phase 1 of testing for the positions of full time police officer and SLEO II.

In Manchester, the physical agility/fitness test comes first, then the written exam (if you pass the physical fitness test) followed by an oral exam which will look for signs of character and integrity.

In 2019, of all the applicants, only 70 made it past the physical agility testing phase.

The physical fitness test takes place on Saturday July 10, rain or shine at Manchester Township High School.

You can register for the application process and agility test starting today and you have until July 7 at 10:00 pm to get everything in which includes a non-refundable $75-dollar application fee and of course the application paperwork (which must be typed, not handwritten), injury waiver form, and all the proper I-D.

You have to be between 18 and 35 with at least 50 college credits to your name to be considered in the application process.

For the physical fitness/agility have to quickly and to the best of your ability go through a series of pull-ups, sit-ups (in 2-minutes), push-ups, a one mile run and then into the ring for a boxing match...that's only if you have a minimum of 200 points, if not, you're going home early.

You will have little to no rest in between each drill.

Be early to the physical agility test, not right on time and it's very important that you follow the directions of wearing a white t-shirt or white sweat shirt, blue or black gym shorts or warm-up pants, sneakers, boxing style mouth guard and athletic supporter.

This is your warning, be sure to follow these very simple instructions.

Your boxing gloves and head gear will be provided on site by Manchester Police.

If you pass the Physical Agility Test and boxing phase you will move on to the Written Examination, scheduled for Wednesday, July 14 with registration beginning at 5 pm and the test beginning promptly at 6 p.m.

I had a chance to watch first hand in 2019 when Manchester Police conducted the physical fitness test and spoke with Chief Lisa Parker about what is required of you that day and if you pass the physical fitness test. Pictures are below as well.

Becoming a Manchester Township Police Officer

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