So we are asking you at home to let us know if you agree with a list, which came out earlier this year, that highlighted 11 restaurant chains that residents want to see possibly here in Ocean County, New Jersey. 11 of the most popular national brands, each of which we do not "currently" have open here in Ocean County.


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If you put me on the spot to add my two cents, I'd have to go with the Cheesecake Factory or Cracker Barrel. I do enjoy both of these eateries on occasion. The two restaurants are completely different, but both are unique and have very focused menus. I had breakfast at Waffle House and I enjoyed the simplicity of the place, coffee, and waffles period. In-N-Out Burger was Ok, ya just ok. Both Arby's and Orange Julius were a long time ago. I remember a loaded hotdog and orange smoothie at Orange Julius, I liked them. Arby's was good with lotta roast beef.

I have never been to Marie Callender's, Cold Stone Creamery, Golden Corral, Krispy Kreme, or Bob Evans. I think Bob Evans might top my list of the place I'd go to first of the ones I never ate at.



Let us know what you think of this list? have you visited any? would you add any eateries to this list? Share your comments below and enjoy daydreaming about a nice meal out here in Ocean County.

Let's see what comes next to Ocean County, one of the latest is PF Chang's at the Ocean County Mall on Hooper Avenue in Toms River.


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