Finally, some good news in a year with not much good news. ABC is reporting that a deer was rescued from the Long Island Sound Saturday. What makes this unusual is that the deer had a paint bucket stuck on its head when it was found in the waters off Port Jefferson. Witnesses say the animal was swimming around in circles, obviously frightened and confused by what was going on.

Frank Floridia, from a group called Strong Island Animal Rescue, was called after someone spotted the distressed deer. ABC says that Floridia tried to to swim out to the deer in an attempt to rescue it, but the water was too cold. A boater pulled Floridia out of the water, which eventually gave him the chance to get close enough to the deer to finally get the bucket off the animal's head. The rescuers did end up having to circle for about twenty minutes before they successfully removed the bucket.

I bear-hugged her against the boat and he drove us back to shore. As we got back to shore I was still holding her on the front of the boat. She seemed very calm - she knew she was being helped.

There is no word how the deer got the bucket stuck on it head to begin with. While you may not think of deer as aquatic animals, they can swim pretty long distances in water if needed. Sometimes it can be to search for food, or escape potential predator. This particular deer decided to take a dip in the Hudson River in the summer of 2020, and swam from one side to the other.

Deer are still active this time of year, as this is time you see quite a few collisions on the road. Several Hudson Valley towns made the list as the top spots where deer accident happen in the state, according to AAA. There are five simple tips you can learn to help avoid deer as you travel the roads this year.

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