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TRENTON — A deadly superbug fungus is slowly but surely spreading around the world, and has made its way to New Jersey, according to the Center for Disease Control

The fungus, which was first identified in 2009, is often resistant to multiple antifungal drugs commonly known to treat Candida growth, and it's challenging to recognize with standard laboratory procedures. 

Candida Auris is mostly found in hospitals and nursing homes and infects those with weakened immune systems, but that does not mean those with robust immune systems are not at risk. 

There are a total of 806 confirmed cases of Candida Auris in the United States, 141 being in New Jersey, according to the CDC. 

Even scarier, Candida Auris can already be in your body and not make you ill, but when you come in contact with other people, it could make them ill. 

"This is called colonization. When people in hospitals and nursing homes are colonized, C. Auris can spread from their bodies and can get on other people or nearby objects, allowing the fungus to spread to people around them," The New Jersey Health Department states on their website. 

Practicing good hygiene, especially washing your hands will prevent the likelihood of you getting the fungus, but the transmission is still possible. 

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