Cory Booker won his first full term as a U.S. Senator in Tuesday's election. The Democrat crushed his Republican challenger, Jeff Bell. In a one-on-one interview with Townsquare Media, Booker said he is ready to get to work for the people of New Jersey and he outlined a very ambitious agenda.

Cory Booker
Cory Booker (Spencer Platt, Getty Images)

"I think the biggest issues in our state are economic security and growth," said Booker. "We've got to bring America back to a prosperity economy and my goal in the Senate is to bring people together. I'm not looking for those partisan, trench-building fights. I'm looking for bringing people together to do the common sense things that we know build a stronger, more robust economy."

When he talks to business owners in the Garden State, Booker said they tell him about the urgent need for a pipeline of qualified, trained workers. That is why he plans to look for ways to improve job training programs, while also helping people get ready for the workforce before they're even in it.

"That means making college affordable. The crushing cost of college around our state is ridiculous," Booker explained.

His focus over the next six years will be on saving taxpayers money and expanding the economy.

"That means changing our tax laws, simplifying them. We have a corporate tax code that incentivizes investment overseas when we should be growing manufacturing. Investment and research dollars should be here, so we've got to lower our tax rate overall to become internationally competitive," Booker said.

Reforming the bail system nationally to save taxpayer dollars and increasing the federal minimum wage are also on Booker's to-do list.

Booker insisted that things actually can and do get done in the Senate, but said gridlock in the House tends to stall real progress.