A new McAfee survey finds a lot of teenagers are using the Internet to cheat on school work.

"Unfortunately more than half of all 13-to-23-year-olds surveyed admitted to looking up the answers to a test or an assignment online, only 17 percent of parents believe that their child has done so," said Robert Siciliano, a McAfee online security.

He said the answers to almost any question can be searched and found via Google, "but when that same process is applied to a quiz or a test at school, then the child isn't actually learning what they're set out to be taught."

Siciliano said cheating is a bigger problem than most parents think.  "I was speaking with a third grade teacher yesterday who said to me that she doesn't know how to stop this because all of her kids in class have mobile phones."

He said parents need to realize their kids have grown up in an online world and more than likely, they are very savvy.  "As a parent you can't give up, you must challenge yourselves to become familiar with the complexities of the teens online universe."





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