Earlier this week Neal Schon spilled the beans about him working again with Carlos Santana, who gave the future Journey guitarist his start. Now, we have learned that the project is actually a reunion of the original Santana lineup.

Vintage Vinyl News is reporting that Santana has confirmation from nearly the surviving members -- founding bassist David Brown died in 2000 -- to appear on his next record. "As well as Neal we have the two Mikes, Mike Carabello and Michael Shrieve. I am pretty sure Greg [Rolie]’s going to do it. So that is pretty much everyone." The lone member of the original lineup not mentioned above is percussionist Jose "Chepito" Areas, who played with Santana until 1980.

Those seven musicians only played on one album together, 1971's 'Santana III,' which was Schon's debut with the group. Carabello and Brown departed after that album's release, and Schon left after 'Caravanserai' a year later and began Journey shortly thereafter.

The band's namesake believes the musicians will have no problem picking up where they left off. “It will be like 'Santana IV' because we stopped at 'Santana III,'” Carlos Santana added.

Santana says that the new record, which he expects to have an African feel to it, to be out in 2014.

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