The Brick Police Street Crimes Unit, which has laid down the hammer in cleaning the streets of drugs, also responds to various other calls and in a series of arrests, they found people committing other kinds of crimes in town -- even a lewd one.

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We start on August 16 (which is the first arrest Brick Police listed in their statement on Monday) and around 3:00 pm that day, SCU continued their investigation into a home on Cottonwood Drive where illegal drug activity was allegedly taking place.

Joseph Reavis, 26, Manchester, was then arrested after he was found with approximately 170 wax folds of Heroin packaged for resale as well as an undisclosed amount of money in his vehicle.

Brick Police said that the vehicle was seized and forfeiture proceedings are pending.

Reavis though is charged with two counts of Distribution of a Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS), three counts of Possession of a CDS, Possession of a CDS with the Intent to Distribute, and Possession of Paraphernalia.

Following his arrest, he was placed in the Ocean County Jail.

On Thursday, August 19, the SCU, continued their investigation into the Cottonwood Drive residence and on that day arrested Ryan Bannon, 39, Brick and Katherine Smith, 33, Brick.

Bannon is charged with two counts of Distribution of a CDS, four counts of Possession of a CDS, Possession of a CDS and Possession of Paraphernalia.

Smith is charged with two counts of Distribution of a CDS, two counts of Conspiracy to Commit Possession of a CDS, two counts of Possession of a CDS, two counts of Possession of Prescription Legend Drugs, Possession of Paraphernalia and Possession of Hypodermic Syringes.

Bannon and Smith were arrested and brought to the Ocean County Jail.

The second notable investigation the SCU investigated took place on August 20, around 10:18 pm, when Detectives received information that a wanted person, Kevin Kries, 22, Brick, was at his mother’s, Christina Torres’s, 49, Brick, residence on Silverton Road.

Brick Police said that with the assistance of Ocean County Sheriff’s Officers, their SCU Detectives arrived  to serve the arrest warrant.

Kries though fled out the back door.

The chase didn't last long or far as Kries was quickly stopped and arrested.

In addition to the outstanding warrant, Kries is charged with Hindering Apprehension, Obstruction, and Resisting Arrest.

Following his arrest, Kries was brought to the Ocean County Jail.

Torres was also placed under arrest at the scene for Hindering Apprehension and Obstruction.

She was released on a Summons.

The 3rd incident the Brick Police SCU responded to was a lewd one.

On Wednesday, August 25, at 3:15 P.M., an SCU Detective said they observed a man masturbating in his vehicle in the parking lot outside of the Pleasure Zone on Chambers Bridge Road.

James Belcher, 74, Neptune, was promptly issued a summons charging him with Lewdness and he was then released on scene.

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