Poison frontman Bret Michaels goes way back with Donald Trump, thanks to his appearances on Celebrity Apprentice — a relationship that convinced him Trump would win the 2016 presidential election.

Although Michaels and Trump haven't always been on the best terms — Michaels memorably made headlines when he vented his frustrations in front of the cameras after being the first contestant to be fired during the Celebrity Apprentice all-star season that saw the former champ returning as a player instead of a judge — he's professed nothing but respect for Trump's business acumen. In a recent interview with Entrepreneur, Michaels pointed to that boardroom experience as the reason he felt confident Trump would end up in the White House.

"No," Michaels insisted when asked whether he was surprised by the election results. "America is built on capitalism. Trump is all about capitalism and he is patriotic. You have to put money back into the pockets of people to make democracy work. Hopefully, Trump can make America a better place, and I think he can do that if he starts with the entrepreneurial spirit."

Michaels' support isn't news to the singer's fans. He was one of the few widely recognized artists who agreed to perform in Washington during the days leading up to the presidential inauguration in January, and penned a letter in support of his former TV boss after he was sworn into office. "As I spent time around President Trump’s family during Celebrity Apprentice and many charitable events," he wrote, "I feel strongly that Mr. Trump and his family are truly patriotic and believes in rebuilding our country in many ways."

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