Boo! Yes, really I am saying "Boo" because I am seeing Halloween here in Ocean County. The question is, is it too soon to have Halloween in the store here at the Jersey Shore?


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I get it, the early bird gets the worm and with sales, it's first come first serve. We always jump ahead to the next holiday as soon as possible, but does this take away from the event?



Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels



For me, it's not a big deal and it doesn't take away from a holiday for me if you bring out the merch 3 months ahead of time. If I'm interested in something I may grab, otherwise I skip right over and go for what I came for in the store. One thing that does happen though is that some items end up selling out and then when I am ready to purchase it's gone.

I do love thinking ahead. For example, taking a few moments to see some "autumn" and/or Halloween decor does make me think of better weather and cool "fall" nights, especially when the forecast is calling for temps near 100 degrees during late July/August.



Take part in our poll and we'll see how you are feeling at home, is it too soon for Halloween in the stores?

I haven't made any Halloween purchases, but I am growing my pumpkin patch at home in hopes of having a few pumpkins for Halloween this year. Time will tell if it is a good crop, but fingers crossed.


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