The Beatles' 1968 pilgrimage to India is being revisited through a new documentary, fittingly titled The Beatles in India, scheduled for release later this year.

As Screen Daily reports, the movie is actually the realization of a lifelong journey by Emmy-winning filmmaker Paul Saltzman, who was seeking his own path to enlightenment in India when he met up with the Beatles on their trip. Saltzman ended up taking personal photos of the band — and as part of the process behind The Beatles in India, he decided to return to the country where it all started.

Promising "rarely seen footage, including in-depth interviews with the band," the movie will reportedly pay particularly close attention to the ways in which the Beatles' India trip affected their creative process during the period leading up to the White Album. The Beatles in India doesn't yet have a specific release date announced, although Screen's sources say the production is targeting an autumn arrival — and it has an enthusiastic supporter in producer Reynold D'Silva, who shared his own longstanding connection with the material in a press release.

"The idea of a Beatles in India documentary has been with me since the mid-'90s. By pure coincidence, or perhaps it was fate, three separate people put me in touch with Paul early last year," D'Silva pointed out. "It turned out he had been harboring the idea for even longer than I had. After our first phone call, we were set on a path to produce the film together."

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