You know how sometimes you look over your life and think about a decision you can't change and wonder what the hell was wrong with you?  Me, too.  And that is obviously how the Beatles original manager, Alan Williams, feels, despite his claims that "I no longer have regrets."  He may say that, but he also says he still loses sleep over it 50 years later.  The "it" is deciding to sell his contract to Brian Epstein for what works out to be $400 in today's money.

"Williams washed his hands of the band after they failed to pay him his cut--which worked out to $14--from the early Hamburg shows that helped start their career. "I remember watching them doing a performance before the Queen about a year later and throwing a cushion at the T.V.", he admits now."

Just a cushion??  Didn't he mean the entire telly??

I think that's maybe why he still can't sleep at night.  He wakes up to the sound of a crashing television as it hits the pavement.

Any regrets in your own life that keep YOU up at night?   I thought so.  But doesn't reading about this poor guy's decision make you feel a little bit better about your own bad ones?  Me, too.

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