Still Think about this house!!


Mom's House

As most of you know, I grew up in Staten Island, New York, but before that I lived in Chicago. My parents were both originally from New York but moved to Chicago for my dad's job. (I actually was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but that's for another time lol)

When I was five years old living in Chicago, my parents got divorced. My mom, brother, and I stayed in Chicago for 5 more years until my mother decided she wanted to move back to New York to be closer to her family, so we packed up the '78 light blue Chevy Malibu, and headed to the east coast. My father stayed behind in Chicago for his business, and is still out there.

My mother didn't want my brother and I to grow up in the streets of Brooklyn, Queens, etc. She wanted more of a suburban life for us, so she settled on Staten Island.

So......She found a townhouse development called Village Greens that was great for kids to grow up in that had a huge park with swimming pools, baseball fields, playgrounds, etc and also had good schools nearby. She bought a house in a cul-de-sac (Kyle Court) that was quiet and was great for me and friends to ride bike, play ball ("Kyle Ball"), and just hang out until whenever. My mom really never had to worry about us in the neighborhood. All the homeowners in Kyle Court knew each other, and everyone looked out for one another. It really was a great place to grow up as a kid.

And as my brother and I went away to college or moved out, etc, my mother stayed in the house, and always let my brother and I know that the house would always be there for us  if we ever needed to come back.

My mom passed away a few years ago. My brother lives out in Long Island, and of course I live on the Jersey Shore. After many discussions with my brother, we decided to sell the house.

So here we are present day.....The house has been sold, and the new owners move in this week. I had one last opportunity to go to Staten Island last night and take a walk through the house.

I'm gonna miss that house. That neighborhood. A lot of great memories with my friends and family happened there.

Enjoy my little video ( sorry about the lighting situation...I was at the house at night)