Ocean County Moms we do not want to forget you this Christmas. I have two here in Ocean County of course April and my Mom. We wanna make sure they are grinning ear to ear this Christmas.

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Moms always give so much time to finding the best gifts for everyone in the family, we wanna see what we can do for them.

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By the way, Dads, we know you do a great job too...that's another article. Back to Mom. We asked YOU at home what YOU want this Christmas and I don't think anyone will be surprised by the answers from Moms.


Here is what "actual" Moms had to say...

Lynnette: A full ME day with a full night sleep lol

Madeleine: The rapture of the church

Kelsey: A 3 bedroom house with a big yard my babies can be safe in and play

Donna: A new crockpot and coffee maker. I’m basic

Heather: A day at the spa. I couldn't tell you the last time I got my nails and hair done

Dawn: No masks on my kids at school!

Iva: A trip to Florida

Kathy: I'll go easy actually 3 things I will take. 1) the true love of my life to wake up and realize. 2) to be able to live comfortably and 3) a Samsung adaptable smartwatch

Nikki: Tattoo, Ninja foodie power blender, a super-soft robe, and new bed pillows, I'm not very traditional lol

Ellen: Time with my adult kids

Dorothy: Shemar Moore

Diane: Being with my family and friends. Finding out u have cancer is the hardest thing I have ever had in my life. So my thing is them being there for me at Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.



Ocean County Moms we want to hear from you, put your Christmas wish list ideas in the comments below and we will be sure to pass them along to Santa when we see him. Looks like no one mentioned a "fruitcake"



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