That is Sydney!

With Hurricane wreaking havoc on the Jersey Shore and pretty much the entire east coast the Bob Levy Broadcast Center that houses 105.7 The Hawk, 94.3 The Point, and WOBM AM and FM has turned into a shelter of our own. We're all squatting today!!

EVERYONE is here. We all are helping out in anyway possible.Even some 4 legged friends as well.

Enjoy some photos of an amazing group of people coming together today and how we are all "living" today

A kick-Ass Group of people

Featured in the collage are:

Kevin Williams, Lou Russo, Bob Levy, Sue Moll, Silent Jay, Laurie Cataldo, Justin Louis, Scott Ferguson, Varacchi, Barbara LaRue, Alex "The Foxx" That Rocks, Lauren B, Shawn Michaels. (Matt Ryan was camera shy)