Happy birthday to the other Van Halen brother who was born on May 8, 1953, in The Netherlands.

Drummerworld.com has this to say about the drummer:

Alex's powerful and dynamic drumming style and voice are as unique and instantly recognizable as Edward's guitar sound.

Maybe you knew that, but according to ultimateclassicrock.com, there are ten things you (and I) might not have known about him, among them, that he was supposed to be the guitar player in the band and that he's an ordained minister (just like our own Andy Chase), and can perform marriage ceremonies like he did for his little brother in 2009 when Eddie married his publicist Janie Liszewski.

Last month Van Halen played their first show outside North America since 1984 at the Stone Festival in Sydney, Australia.

Next stop on the tour?

Nagoya, Japan June 18th.

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