It may not happen often, but once in a while, we do see snow in November in New Jersey and this year, we may see some of the white stuff on Thanksgiving.

(John DeFeo, ThinkStock)
(John DeFeo, ThinkStock)

The last time we had a white Thanksgiving was 25 years ago, according to Dr. Dave Robinson, New Jersey State climatologist at Rutgers University.

"That storm 25 years ago was one of the snowiest Thanksgivings in New Jersey when four to eight inches fell from Wednesday evening into Thursday morning," Robinson said. "It was a pretty well-behaved storm in some respects, in that the snow came after the big rush on Wednesday evening and was done, so roads were pretty well cleared for travel mid-day on Thanksgiving Day."

There have been a number of Thanksgivings in the past where storms have come through the region. However, this time of year, the ocean is still pretty warm.

"Anywhere from the (Interstate) 95 corridor over to the coast has a much better chance of seeing, at best, a mix or turnover to rain or possibly some snow at the end of the system," Robinson said. "But, inland in the higher elevations of northwest Jersey and up the Hudson Valley into New England and the Poconos, there is often snow to deal with during these Thanksgiving storms."

Just because it may snow on Thanksgiving is not indicative of how the rest of the winter may be.

"These things are cyclical, they are unpredictable, you name it," Robinson said. "So, it is not often that snow in November is linked to a snowy winter."

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