It suits them.

Led Zeppelin has always expressed mystery and mystical meanderings, and that's one of the reasons so many of us, including myself, love this band.

It appears that the countdown (now at #1) on the band's Facebook page has been alluding to the announcement of a DVD of the 2007 London O2 Arena reunion show.

They have posted a 14 second video with alternating images of the four symbols from the Led Zeppelin IV album accompanied by a live intro of “Good Times Bad Times.”

By the way, The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts just named Led Zeppelin as one of the honorees for a lifetime achievement in the performing arts.

The 35th Honors medals will be presented at the State Department on December 1, followed the next day by a reception at the White House and a performance at the Kennedy Center.

Does this mean a reunion?

Has hell actually gotten chilly?

Are you excited for this new DVD?