You use it for everything – checking email, buying concert tickets, online banking. Studies now show criminals can easily access personal information on your smart phone without any detection.

Cryptography Research conducted a study to see if mobile phones leak key information.

“We found that data can be deciphered from just a few feet away and there is usually no sign that an attack is occurring” said spokesman Ben Jun.

He said smart phones today lack the security software to keep you safe.

“We are currently working with a major smartphone and tablet company to increase security on these mobile devices, because when you think about it you use your smart phone more like a computer these days, yet your computer has more protection on it at home.”

Jun said its possible to eavesdrop on any smart phone as its being used to make a purchase, conduct online banking or access a company’s private network.

“Which means that you could do things like potentially clone the phone to make a fraudulent financial transaction.”

How do you protect yourself?

“Watch what websites you visit, what apps you download and if you do financial transactions on your smart phone, be extra careful near Wi-Fi hot spots” said Jun.