Yes fans, rejoice!

If you're like me and you've listened to Close to the Edge and Fragile countless times, the way they were meant to be listened to (in their entirety), you'll love the upcoming Yes tour

I know that there are missing band members from that classic era of Yes, most notably Jon Anderson (replaced by Jon Davison), but I think it's still exciting to think of those albums being fully recreated on stage.

Although they have done this kind of thing before, as reports:

This is similar to previous recent tours, where they played 1971′s ‘The Yes Album,’ ‘Close to the Edge’ and 1977′s ‘Going for the One.’ Instead of the third album offering, they will do an encore of their greatest hits as well as new songs.

Yes is releasing a new album, titled "Heaven & Earth" on July 8th.

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Apparently, the band has added some country-tinge to their setlist this time around (see below for an explanation):

Yes via facebook

From Jim Voit on the Yes official facebook page:

Yes recently hit the open road for a Spring Tour. This time around, they've added some country-tinge to the setlist...Take a look here:

- Somethin's A-Comin'
- South Side Of The Cow Pie
- 5 Percent Fer Nuthin'
- Square-Dance Of The Dawn
- Love (Moon)Shine
- Houndchaser
*Band Introductions*
- Universal Cornfield
- Bring Me To The Whiskey Sour
- In The Water-Tower
- Without Rope You Cannot Bale The Hay

- Pastural Traveler

After some parting words with the crowd, the band made their way on down the ol' dusty trail on the official Yes Tour-wagon and rode off into the sunset.

This lucky fan (3rd from the left) caught them before they loaded up the wagon!