If this is a post about Yes band members, then why a video of an old movie?  You'll see.

Meanwhile, two ex-members of the band celebrate birthdays this week.

Original Keyboard player Tony Kaye, with Yes from 1968 to 1971 and then from 1983 to 1995, turned 66 years old on Wednesday.  He was born January 11, 1946 in Leicester, England.

Guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, and now a film composer, Trevor Rabin turns 57 on Friday.  Born on January 13, 1954 in Johannesburg, South Africa,  he joined Yes in 1983 and rocked with the band until 1994.

Why did I showcase the song, "It Can Happen" to an old classic movie from 1937?  Three reasons.  It features both Trevor Rabin and Tony Kaye.  I love the song.  And since one of my favorite movies is "Lost Horizon", this video,  a clip from the movie, worked on nearly all levels.

Hopefully, you're rockin' to it right now.  Then it will truly work on all levels!