These performance artists are clearly making a statement, or they've gone mad, or possibly both.

At, an article reports that two artists in Brooklyn are living in a giant hamster wheel as part of a performance art project dubbed ‘In Orbit,’ which looks at “the relationship between roommates, space, and reliance on partners.”

One wrong move....and they risk being thrown off. They are perched on opposite ends of the wheel, 180 degrees from each other, and must carefully coordinate their movements. When one walks, the other must walk in the opposite direction. When one stops, the other must stop.

All the furniture, of course, is strapped down, and of course there's a chemical toilet.

They're living there for 10 days.

First question: how do they go to the bathroom with the wheel turning?

(And I assume by using the bathroom, they are regularly vomitng up in there).

Second question: How long before they deliberately throw each other off the wheel?

(I give it till day two). :-D