Tell the truth: you aren’t ready for Valentine’s Day. It’s this Tuesday, by the way (February 14 comes the same time every year, big guy).

Thankfully, the folks at your local Waffle House have made Valentine’s Day dinner plans easy for poor schlumps who think a reservation is something you have before you eat your third Big Mac at lunch.

As you can see in the video below, the breakfast food-oriented restaurants are encouraging couples to spend Valentine’s Day at Waffle House locations around the country by sprucing up the eateries with tablecloths, flowers, dim lighting and some soft music.

And let’s be honest: nothing guarantees some quick lovin’ like Kenny G’s greatest hits. It’s a lock.

Many Waffle House locations are also offering special menu items (rib-eye steak!), prix fixes and other deals. Choose wisely and remember to load up on Beano. You don’t want to start tooting out your own solo after Kenny sets the mood so well.