I have family that lives in Japan, and over the weekend my aunt came back to the States. She brought with her a bunch of Kit Kat bars that were, let's say, "unique" when it comes to flavoring.

Walk into a typical store in America, and you'll find good old-fashioned chocolate Kit Kats. Maybe if you try, you can find white chocolate (side note: I love white chocolate).

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The Japanese weren't interested in simple flavors; instead, they amp things up with dozens of different types of Kit Kats.

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Here's what my aunt brought back, and what I thought of each.



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My suspicion: "I don't really like the taste of green tea, so I probably won't like this."

The aftermath: "Yep, don't like it."



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My suspicion: "Brown sugar? How can this taste bad, candy is basically just sugar already!"

The aftermath: "Blech it's like eating pure molasses. Not terrible, but not exactly a nice sweet candy."



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My suspicion: "Okay, I like sweet potatoes. The 'purple' aspect is a bit concerning, but I feel like this could be tasty."

The aftermath: "Success! Definitely the best I have tasted."



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My suspicion: "I had to save this for last. I'm not a fan of spicy stuff in general, so I don't have high hopes for spicy candy."

The aftermath: "Ewww, I wish I had some of the purple sweet potato left to get this nasty taste out of my mouth!"


In the end, I had a few weird tastes in my mouth but hey, at least I tried it. The weirdest part is that my aunt explained that in Japan, these aren't 'novelty' flavors, it's not a joke; people actually buy these like normal.