The unique idea of a forest on a skyscraper has come to fruition in Milan, a city that has decided to expand their trend-setting fashion sense to ecological building design.

According to, Milan is one of the most polluted cities in Italy, so architect Stefano Boeri designed two towers that contain a total of 900 trees when counting all the balconies, which obviously clean the air as well as providing a little urban eco-system in the sky.

Let me translate the Italian in the video for you: "This is-a really cool and unique-a although it was a pain-a in the ass-a to get those trees up-a there, I mean mama mia! What work-a this-a was to put-a into place up there...but still everyone should put this-a idea in-a their buildings to cut-a down on pollution. Plus-a, it's bella. "

Or something like that. :-D